We invest in best in class properties for their quality, income security and sustainable growth potential. We believe that a portfolio of properties demonstrating these attributes will produce a consistent, superior investment return over time.

We recognise that income is the principal driver of sustainable long-term investment returns, so we build and maintain robust income profiles across our clients’ portfolios.

We target high quality, well located buildings where there is plenty of occupier demand and lost income is more easily replaced in the event of rental voids. Each lease event is an opportunity to enhance this income and add value to the property.

Whilst this is key to delivering superior total return performance, so too is protecting and growing capital through opportunistic asset management.        

Portfolio structure

Reflecting our research-led approach, we structure our portfolios in accordance with client performance objectives and attitude to risk. We work closely with Cluttons' research team to identify those sectors with the strongest performance prospects and seek to weight our relative return portfolios accordingly.

We are able to structure portfolios either directly or indirectly through listed and unlisted real estate opportunities. Cluttons Investment Management (UK) LLP is an FCA approved entity with full regulatory approval to invest across all types of property investment vehicle.

Stock selection

We are astute stock selectors, focusing on those assets that display the strongest fundamentals of location, building quality and income security.

We adopt a rigorous evaluation of a property’s suitability for inclusion within a portfolio, ensuring that the quality of each asset is carefully assessed and any risks are understood and priced appropriately. 

Cluttons has a dedicated capital markets team with an extensive network of contacts and deep market reach, allowing us to source potential investment opportunities at an early stage, both on and off market.

Our property investment decision-making looks to follow the guiding principles for responsible investment as set out in the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

Asset management

We proactively manage each asset to exploit every added value opportunity, be it physical improvements to the building, enhancements to the lease or planning gain.

Individual business plans are maintained for each asset and regularly reviewed to ensure added value initiatives are implemented, and the property remains a good fit within the portfolio. We will always employ best in class advisors to assist with asset management opportunities.

Risk management

Portfolio risk is managed by full diversification across tenant type, property sector and geographical region, maintaining a spread of lease expiry and break dates.

Property Investment Performance

Our strategy and insights bring superior growth and higher returns than the market average. Find out how we benefit our clients over one, three and five-year terms.

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